Clothing That Matters



Not as in how expensive are you clothes, or are you wearing what everyone else is wearing. You should be wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in, clothes that make you the best version of you.

At our very core we believe in celebrating you as a unique and special person. What ever makes you you is great. You have talent, ideas, hopes and dreams that you need to share with the world.

Our greatest power in the world is LOVE. Love manifests itself in all kinds of ways. There is the obvious one, especially as I write this in February, romantic love. Romantic love brings us close and lets us share our life with another person. But romantic love impacts two people greatly and others minimally.

There is a far greater love, kindness. How we treat others and cary ourselves is the most important kind of love. To treat others with respect, kindness and compassion is one of our greatest gifts that we can give the world.

Think Positive Crew Ash.jpeg

Clothing Matters

It can make a difference

Having positive messages around us is important for ourself as it is for others. What you tell yourself you become. We have become a culture that is obsessed with selfies. When we look at ourselves or send a message to others it is powerful when they contain a positive message.

Your clothing can show others what you believe, how you feel, how you care, how you accept others and they can help you be the best version of you.