Think positive sounds so simple, and yet is seems so hard for many people to do.

Positive thinking is something that is a mindset, it is more than just one thing and not as simple as saying I won’t let things bother me. So how do we think positive when our lives are busy, and we can’t control everything in the world around us? Have a look at these six tricks to creating a positive mindset and help you think positive.

1. Focus On Positive Things

This is the most basic concept with positive thinking, however I bet you know someone that always tells you how bad their luck is and how bad things always happen to them. This is the first tip to having a positive mindset, focus on the positive things in your day, week or month. If you spend time focusing only on the negative you will miss all of the wonderfully positive things that happen to you. For example if you are stuck in traffic enjoy your favourite music, or listen to a podcast or audio book.

2. Find Humour In The Frustrating

We can not control all things in life and some things are just frustrating or bad. Humour is always a great way to overcome a difficult situation. Even though we can not control the word we can control how we react to it. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t deal with the situation at hand or let people treat you badly. Instead redirect your energy to change your focus and not dwell on the negative. Look at how you can move past the frustrating situation. We need a way to transition our thoughts from a dark place to a better place.

3. Failure Is A Lesson

We live in a world where everyone looks perfect. Look at social media and you will see people posting all sorts of amazing things, their lives look so good. Our online personas are very filtered. With this idea of perfection so prevalent we often feel that we have to be perfect, that we can not make a mistake, or that if others see us make a mistake we can not get away from that situation. We need to embrace failure. One quote that I love is from Will Smith, “Fail earlyfail oftenfail forward. It's always a little bit frustrating to me when people have a negative relationship with failureFailure is a massive part of being able to be successful. You have to get comfortable with failure, you have to seek failure because failure is where all of the lessons are.” Here is a great video put to the words of Will Smith.

4. Create Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can be crippling. The fear of failure is real and can cause many people to not even start. Looking at our last thoughts on failure one way to work through failure is to properly align our self-talk. For example our failures or mistakes do not change our self worth or ability. We need to own our actions, learn from them and move forward. Sometimes we need to pivot or change our direction based on the context of the failure but we need to still move forward.

One way to think of framing our self-talk is through this quote I saw a while ago. There are two ways to interpret this statement. “I realized that the the world doesn’t care!” In a negative self-talk context it would seem to be depressing that the world doesn’t care about, you or your actions. In a positive self-talk mindset we would be excited that we can make mistakes, live our life and the world doesn’t care. We can focus our energy on ourself in a positive way, not worry about the future or the past and truly enjoy the present.

5. Live In The Present

Living in the present is very important to thinking positively. If we dwell on the past, on negative things then we can not enjoy the moments that we are in now. Remember how we talked about how we all know people who profess how bad things happen to them, these people are not living in the present, they are dwelling on a negative past and waiting for their negative future to arrive. Enjoy the moment, the simple things. For us this is our family and our time together. We have certain times that we allow technology in our household. This isn’t to punish, or that technology is bad, it is to not always be sucked into the grasp of technology, and this is one thing that helps us experience the present.

Other great things to enjoy in the present are simple things such as; the warmth of the sun on your face, a cool breeze on a warm day, a conversation with a friend, a walk outside, curling up by the fire with a good book, reading a blog post on positive thinking, meditating, exercising, or making supper. We should not need extravagant things to help us enjoy the moment that we are in.

Find Positive People

We often behave similarly to the people that we hang out with. We should always have our own choice to behave or think anyway that we choose as no one can make us do anything. They can however influence us or create active or passive peer pressure for us to follow along with what they are doing. So if all of the people that we associate with are negative it makes it really hard to stay positive. If this is the case we may want search for positive people. Life is much easier to handle when we surround ourself with positive people who support us and contribute to a healthy environment for us.

We need to search for positive people that contribute to our life in positive ways. Growing up we all want to fit in. When we go to school we are often grouped with 25 or 30 other kids our age. Then say growing up you hung out with the boys or the girls most of the time, that means that you we grouped with 12-15 other kids that you tried to fit in with and were heavily influenced with. It may have felt like there wasn’t much choice in who your friends were. If this was the case for you the good news is that the older you get usually the larger the school you go to and the more people you are exposed to. You have more choice with who you associate with.

You don’t necessarily have to stop bing friends with people who aren’t positive all the time, however if you surround your life with positive people it will help you think positive.

7. Bonus Thoughts

Some people write positive affirmations and place them on their bathroom mirror so they help align their thoughts with the focus that they want. At Be You YXE we believe that what we wear is important. We believe that the clothes we wear can impact ourself and others. That is why we create clothing with positive messages, we want to impact our lives and the lives of others though the clothes we wear. We have a full line of clothing that is dedicated to the message of THINK POSITIVE. Ever time you look in the mirror, take a selfie, you remind yourself of the positive choices you are making for yourself. As well you become beacon of positivity for others.